We’re Palumbo Services (a.k.a. Ice Dam Guys, LLC). Our sister site is IceDamRemovalGuys.com. We’ve created this site mostly as a learning resource, though we are certainly happy to help you out if you need us.

We’re native Minnesotans who have been offering ice dam removal services since the year Prince sang about (1999).

We’re full-time specialists.  We don’t do anything else in the winter. As we hope you’ve concluded from reading the info we’ve shared on this site, we have a reputation as the ice dam experts. Our president, Joe Palumbo, is a regular guest on local radio and local and national television stations each winter, to help reporters educate people about the dangers of ice dams.

Some facts about us

  • As far as we know, we were the very first company to offer same-day and next-day service in this industry. We began offering this service in 2010. We were and are the FedEx of the ice dam removal world.
  • We use custom-built steamers that are proprietary to us, so we can remove ice dams without damaging your roof.
  • We purchase, customize, and maintain only the most cutting-edge steaming equipment.
  • We are bonded and insured.
  • We offer repair services. (Let us know if ice dam leaks have damaged your home.)
  • Each of our ice dam removal technicians is a true professional: he’s trained, he’s in uniform, he’s respectful, and he won’t waste your time or money.
  • We carry two of nearly everything, because we’re not going to let Murphy’s Law or Mother Nature stop us from helping you.
  • We employ a full-time mechanic who not only fixes our steamers, but also customizes them from the ground up. So he not only knows our steamers inside and out, but we don’t have to wait in line at the local mechanic shop for repairs.  His only job is to keep our Steamzilla™ running!
  • We have at least 5-10 spare steamers at all times so that there’s never a waiting period for a technician to have a repair made. This is HUGE for you.  Steamers break, and they break often.  Should your technician have a breakdown that cannot be fixed on-site, as fast as he can drive back to our shop or mobile command center and swap steamers, he’ll be back on your job!
  • We don’t leave until the job is done, or until you tell us to go.

A little bit about Joe

Joe opened Palumbo Services in 1995 as a landscaping company. When he began offering ice dam removal services in ‘99, however, he discovered that he had a true passion for ice dams. Back then, “ice dam companies” were virtually non-existent. A customer called him for help, knowing Joe to be a problem-solver. Joe figured out how to get rid of the snow and ice without damaging his customer’s building.  From that point on, this particular customer would send his job after job, year and year.  It was at this point Joe became a true Ice Dam Guy.

For many years he worked only for this one extremely large commercial client, in addition to doing word-of-mouth residential jobs.  Over time he began to grow his ice dam removal business.

By about 2009 Joe’s business had expanded to many more Ice Dam Guys, as demand and awareness increased.  (And Joe actually started to advertise a little!).  As of this writing, the Ice Dam Guys are over 30 strong.

Joe loves working outdoors, and loves being able to help Minnesotans battle the hard parts of Minnesota winters – which gives them more time to enjoy the fun parts. He’s picky about the people he picks to join his team, because he’s got a mission: to assemble the finest group of ice dam guys on the planet while making the lives of his friends and neighbors a little easier every winter. He’s also got a passion for educating people about ice dams, because he knows that education does more to help homeowners deal with winter woes than even his ice dam removal services do.

Joe is a workaholic. His hands are a blur when he’s eating lunch, and if you blink you might not witness it at all.  But when ice dam season slows down he enjoys as much hunting and camping as his wife will allow. He lives just 20 miles north of Downtown Minneapolis with his wife, Dina, and his dog, Woody.

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